Unconditonal Love ! Don’t You Want Some ?

 No matter how much we try to find that deep question to answer inside Us. Where do I come from, Why Am I Here, What is my Purpose. It begins with compassion and unconditional love for yourself. The journey of spiritual growth is beautiful but to get these answers you alone have the key.

 I can give my clients all the tools which are necessary to get them started but the “WORK” begins and ends with you. Self initiation is the stepping stone to eventually preparing yourself for the physical initiation. When you feel the call to journey and truly eliminate your negative ego you will just know.  It can also become addicting going to someone who is going to feed you what you want to hear compared to allowing you to figure it out.  There is no cake walk or rose colored glasses in the actual  work of peeling the onion.

 No one but no one can do it for you. There is no magic pill. You are the magic, you are the creator of your experience. It’s your movie with your characters that help you to grow and become your authentic self. Never make anyone your guru. The guru is you to you and your Heart is the compass of truth. The energies we have entered into are all about feminine energy. Look with your heart not your mind. Have come-unity with yourself then others. Feel the nurturing energy and work with it. Understand energy as energy forget names, titles, etc. Get to know what the differences are with energies in your life.

I leave you with this to ponder and enjoy.

Til We Meet Again


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