The Illusion of Illusion ( Is Social Media Vanity Worth It ?)


Well Hello Everyone! How are you Doing? Hope all is well.Social media is great and Hey I even use it myself. Recently we have seen how it helped with the Boston Bombings to capture the bombers. It has many positives. However, let us not forget that the web is a cyber world. The real world is outside. We are forgetting how to mingle with our friends and neighbors.
The other part of social media is the new popularity of sites that measure your worthiness by a score. This puts others into a frame of mind of a silent ” AM I Good Enough”. Some sites use virtual money as a way to measure your statuses. How about real life. Who are you really. Is it truly a accurate read of your actual integrity, good faith, and your actual business practice? Again society is creeping in. The haves and have not.
If we look at this spiritually what are we racing to compete for? I have not met you personally. My main objective is to nurture and open the heart of others. A energetic process. Love flows freely through any means. Truly I don’t care if I’m popular or not. I have a mission to complete. The message of the Heart. Love is the Key to this new energy. Not how many likes I HAVE, How high my Kred score is, and so on.
Many of you are missing the point. Shambalah is about Comm- Unity not Separation. The Heart is what the world is transforming into and most of you are missing the beat. It’s a change that is here weather you believe or not. Agape is pure and the idea of I’m better than you in that energy is like oil and water.
So the greed of social scores just shows that society clings to the material world even if it is in the cyber world. Your Heart and Nature matter.
So I leave this for you to ponder.

Til We Meet Again

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