Where Did the Innocence Go ?

Hey! How is everyone doing? I know that title of mine sounds so provocative. However, Let’s talk. You want to talk. Great. The energies are shifting day by day. Many of you don’t feel like doing anything. Well for the last six months you have been gaining strength and getting ready to hit the reset button. Let’s take this a step further. The global community is on major purge. What dose not serve is either being revealed, protested, or outed by those who want to preserve their own nations.

We personally are also recapturing our own personal power. This is how the new paradigm ” Shamblaha” is coming to be. Peace is being ushered in. Why am I saying that innocence is gone. Through all of this change the good,bad, and ugly show itself. There is no respect for our elders. Our young children of today are more concerned with their ipads and computers that breathing fresh air. Yet there are many old souls among the new generation who get it. Don’t push them aside they truly have wisdom and understanding.

The best way to achieve peace is for all of us to be in our ” HEARTS” . Going in your mind is great but to endure the changes and to understand that is where the truth will be. Let’s not be mean to one another behind this machine that is a fantasy world. What has it served you? Really think about it. You have given your social life to a machine. Humans need human contact. A touch a smile, laughter, even tears are more real. Do you remember going out with your grandparents and them taking you fishing or baking cookies with them?. Have you done this lately with anyone under the age of 18?

Tradition is begin lost because of a machine. Even Your contact with your Divinity is becoming lost. Recapture what last because this is only a machine. Your soul Your Heart Your family Traditions that can be lost if you don’t pay attention.

Til We Meet Again


5349085675_e842b207a7_z.jpg innoce doves

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