Nothing Appears to Be What it Seems

5349085675_e842b207a7_z.jpg innoce doves Lightwork comes in many forms. There are so many ways to express it and to share the light . Many of you my readers must have been wondering lately what has happended to me . Well nothing, I am just doing my part in a different way.
The world is do seeped in technology that we forget that there is a outside world. That means that alot of people are sitting behind a desk, lying on a bed, sitting outside, using their laptops or smartphones to communicate. Light is mutable. It is also very fluid and I can send it out to the world and do it even through this computer. I imagine myself on a plane in flight and I am dropping hearts to everyone wether they see them or not.
We need to help eachother to remain positive and to see our cups full. Mine is never empty. How about Yours? Is it full. This is just a short story today to remind everyone you are not alone.

Til We Meet Again

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