It’s Not About Me It’s About Us !

   Hello Everyone! How are you all today? I hope that you are all peaceful and living your lives in joy. This has been a interesting summer worldwide. We have all seen so much change, suffering, peace, joy, and so much more beyond words. The New Paradigm is quite  forward.  What our eyes may see and our ears hear is different from what our souls are seeking. We are in a time of flux. 

  The energy of agape ( pure love ) is reaching the globe. Yet we can achieve peace through starting in our own corners of the world. Most improtantly we need to rebulid the trust that we’ve lost. Our world is now the computer. So we need to step away take a break and get to know the person or persons next door. Make conversation.  Disconnection is not the new way it is a new way, we are global shut ins.  

 Maybe if we got out more often and did more meet and greets. The world will change again. I’m not saying not to be alert and question.  Open your heart and listen.  We really do need to have human contact. Babies in hospitals when they are born need human contact. It is so necessary for their growth. They don’t come born with a iphones in their hands. 

     I may sound as if I’m preaching to the choir but I to have clay feet. My spiritual journey has brought me to the clay feet syndrome. I actually don’t mind. It feels good. I’m not perfect but love is perfect. Let’s change the world together one smile at a time. Image

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