Passion Do You Really Get it?

Passion is more than just what you believe it to be. The world cannot function without it. Many of Us have passions for things that are useless. They are just dumb. When your passion is not authentic it burns out quite quickly. Those whom have had great passion have inspired the world and changed it. We are trained to believe that it is only a chosen few who can do this.

Got news for you that is an old paradigm saying ” I am not Empowering You”. Well I am going to Empower you. Passion is deep within Us. It is the flame of the inner light in our souls that sparks Us to continue to live, create love, bake cookies, give hugs, have compassion. Think of yourself as the ocean and you are vast. Feel the pure love and purity of the sea. It is your subconscious. This passion will change the world if you choose to shift your passion into something of value.

We have free will. However, if you want change and are reading this, it is not an accident. We are the ripples in the water. When we shift our passion the world also will shift.

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